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The use of transverse thermal furnace temperature loop to solve larger problems
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       Italian Ceramics Foshan Branch Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is specialized in providing technical equipment and a full ring temperature technology services company. Company specialized in the production and management, and gradually become a high-tech manufacturing enterprises. The company has a sound research and development, production management and business service system. For how to use the kiln temperature loop transverse temperature difference is too large to resolve the issue, from the study of the following methods. 
       Lateral kiln temperature difference is too large, easily lead to the same line of brick kilns produce color defects, this color is often a gradual transition was like, generally difficult to distinguish, kilns wider, this defect is more obvious. In fact, the temperature difference between the solution to the problem is a lot. The challenge is how to accurately know the temperature difference between the different positions within the furnace. Tests proved polished production, should try to control the kiln firing zone transverse temperature difference ≤ 5 ℃. Commonly used devices such as thermocouple temperature only in the side of the furnace, the temperature difference between its lateral difficult to detect and control, it is difficult to achieve uniform lateral temperature. And by using temperature loop, because small size, can accurately measure the temperature at different locations of the kiln, the kiln to get the exact value of the temperature difference. Hand up for the lack of thermocouples, on the other hand determined the three-dimensional spatial distribution of heat within the furnace. 
By setting a reasonable wind each burner oil (gas) rate, right to adjust its valve opening, timely additional fire-resistant asbestos, to prevent air leakage and poor heat the kiln wall, for solving the problem of the temperature difference is much easier. 
Want to know more about the technical aspects of the ring temperature please consult (
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