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Foshan epigraphy Ceramics Co., Ltd. established in 1955 and Foshan Spar Ceramics Co., Ltd. established in 1998 combined in Aug 2000,named Foshan Spar new material Co., Ltd. The company is currently four sectors of the domestic the larger professional high-grade refractory materials, one of the raw materials and equipment operators, refractories and raw materials supply, equipment involved: ceramic building materials, electronic ceramics, environmental protection, automobile manufacturing, from puretrade agents to quickly and successfully involved in the manufacturing industry, and to lay a new foundation for the future development of the company.


Company's big event

1995-1997, the first venture - began to enter the refractories industry

1998-2000, the second venture - began to diversify its business out of the Foshan

2000-2003, the third business - to form their own unique cross-sector multi-species operating system

2003-2004, the fourth venture started successfully invest in shares the Foshan popular Ceramics Co., Ltd., to intervene in the glass manufacturing industry

2004, approved by the state permission to carry out import and export business, and began a new era of development of the company!

Key performance of our large-scale projects in the past

In March 2006, holding the eForce ceramic mechanical engineering Co., Ltd.

Our development strategy - strategy for future development

Our aim ------- pursuit of excellence!

Superior talent + excellent management = outstanding achievement! This is our goal!



Foshan Spar new material Co., Ltd. to develop this scale, thanks to the strong support of many customers and suppliers, we express our heartfelt thanks! At a later date, we will work harder to provide more high-quality products and excellent service to our customers!

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