Jianjia building materials

Foshan Jianjia building materials Co., Ltd. is located at the political, economy and culture center of foshan- chancheng district. It’s a company especially affording ceramic technology equipment and whole set craft technology service, and it is at the leader status in domestic ceramic machine industry. The energy saving kiln productions that developed by the company make more economy benefits for the ceramic companies. Production and management are specialized, which make the company become a high-tech enterprise. 


The company also has perfect development, manufacturing administration and business service system. Its main productions, such as continuous ball mill, large scale spray dryer, large-tons press, kiln, dry squaring machine and so on, are key equipment and deep processing equipment, and the company has received many patents on them. The company uses its technology advantages sufficiently to adjust its production construction and technology innovation which are leaded by market and now the company has been the leader company on technology. Early and late, the company has developed the first 5 layers energy saving dryer, the first 3m inner super wide kiln, the first double layer temperature shift kiln, the first 20000 spray dryer. In recent 2 years, the sale amount of export production is 90% of its total sale amount in the current year. Not just it has been the main source to increase marketing achievements of the company, but also it has done obvious effects on pushing technology progress of domestic building ceramic technology equipments industry. 
The company treats the customers’ contentment as its duty and has established a culture system whose core is “openness basing on sincerity, innovating constantly, strive for excellence, pursuing perfection” which is propitious to develop the company. Conscientiousness, enterprise and devotion sprits of the staff are strengthen continuously, and cohesive force of the company is enhanced. Also new scientific creative productions are produced continuously. 
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